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BOC approves purchase of new police vehicle

The Board of Commissioners approved appropriating funds for a new vehicle for the police department in their Monday meeting. 
Commissioner Jim Bradshaw wanted to defer the item because of fear that the rising gas prices would affect the budget. He wanted to defer it for two meetings.
“That would make it a pretty tight window,” said Police Chief Andy Garrett. Garrett said to get the best deal, this is the time to purchase because the newer models will be coming out soon. 
Finance Director John Rossmaier said that the city budgeted for $4 gas, so they still have a little wiggle room. 
The commissioners voted against deferring the item 4-1, then approved the ordinance. 
In other new business, the commissioners approved an agreement with TW Telecom to provide the T1 line to be used by the police department for the new communication system. 
Also, the commissioners approved executing a contract with Yeary, Howell and Associates for account auditing, as well as a contract with TDS to upgrade the phone system at Charlie Daniels Park. 
The final item of the night was an ordinance recognizing insurance proceeds from theft and expenditure of same to replace the stolen parks mower trailer.

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