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Mayor gives first State of the City address

Mayor Ed Hagerty gave his first State of the City address to a packed house at the Mt. Juliet Chamber Luncheon Wednesday. 
“The state of the City is strong,” said Hagerty. 
Hagerty followed with giving statistics about how well the City is doing. 
In the past 65 months, Mt. Juliet has not seen growth in only three months when you compare it to the previous year. 
He also confirmed that the City has closed on the property for a possible new fire station on Belinda Parkway and Athens Dr. He said the discussions are still ongoing with the county, but if those fall through, the citizens of Mt. Juliet shouldn’t worry. Mt. Juliet would establish their own fire department if they are forced. 
“We will not leave you unprotected,” said Hagerty. 
He commented on the construction on Mt. Juliet Road and said we will have five lanes running north and south soon. He also talked about the Eastern Connector, which will run from the Beckwith Road exit all the way to Lebanon Road at Benders Ferry. He said the project will take three years to finish. 
Hagerty applauded the Mt. Juliet Police Department which continues to have a stellar case solvability rate. In the last two years, the case solvability rate for the department has been 57 and 55 percent, while the state average is less than a third. 
He also applauded the Animal Shelter, and its large number of volunteers who have logged over 13,000 hours. He said the non-profit model that has been successful with the shelter, will hopefully make the Parks Department even better. The Parks Department recently established a 501(c)3. 
In closing, Hagerty said the people of Mt. Juliet and the ones in attendance are what is making the City so successful. 
“You are the reason we are hitting on all cylinders.”

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