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Mayor, Martin to negotiate City Manager contract

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Board of Commissioners elected to have Mayor Ed Hagerty negotiate a City Manager contract with Interim City Manager Kenny Martin Monday. 

The decision came after several months of considering other candidates, but the commissioners decided to go with Martin, who had been filling in since former City Manager Randy Robertson left for another job in Vestavia, Ala. 

Earlier in the meeting, the commissioners voted, 3-2, to change the residency requirements for the City Manager, which was changed in 2009 to say that the City Manager had to live within the city limits. Martin lives just outside the city limits. Commissioners James Maness and Jim Bradshaw voted to not change the law. 

The law was changed to say that the commission could waive the requirement if the person was being promoted from within. Hagerty said that is something the commission didn’t consider at the time, but probably should have been in the law. 

“Someone should have put a motion in then at that time,” said Bradshaw. 

Maness said he supported Martin, but wouldn’t support changing the law. 

“I don’t think we are changing a whole lot,” said Commissioner Ted Floyd. 

Hagerty asked the commissioners to name a negotiating salary range, but they were reluctant to share it publicly. Floyd said $115,000 a year, while Maness shared $45 an hour, which works out to $93,600 a year. The commissioners were to give City Recorder Sheila Luckett their salary ranges, and she would pass them onto Hagerty, who will negotiate the contract. Hagerty said he will use Robertson’s contract and go line by line with Martin. 

The ongoing issue of emergency services was also discussed on several issues. 

Maness sponsored a resolution sponsoring Fred Weston’s County Commissioner resolution asking the authorization of a funding of the construction of a new fire, rescue services and emergency building in Mt. Juliet. The amount is not to exceed 1.55 million dollars. The resolution of support passed unanimously. 

Also, Public Works Director Marlin Keel presented the commissioners with the three best design-build bids for the new fire station. The commissioners will review the bids and pick an action moving forward once they are done. 

The commissioners deferred a resolution approving an agreement with the architectural firm of Lyman, Davidson, Dooley, Inc. for phase two services in the building of the new emergency services building. The deferral allows them a chance to look over the three new bids from the design build firms. Lyman, Davidson, Dooley, Inc. only handles the design of the project. 

Two issues for the Eastern Connector project were also approved. The commissioners approved an agreement with Gresham, Smith and Partners for professional services to include additional services during the right of way acquisition phase. 

Also, an agreement with Monday & Company for property appraisal services during the right of way acquisition phase was also approved. 

The commissioners also voted to purchase 100 signs advising motorists to stay three feet away from bicycle readers. The signs will be placed on the current bike line signs. 

An ordinance amending the budget to recognize funds donated by Two Rivers Ford for events at Charlie Daniels Park, and a budget ordinance to match a Kaboom! grant were also approved. 

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