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Local woman tries to get brother a kidney

Elaine Gunn

Intern Writer

With a single kidney functioning at 14 percent, 43-year-old David Rosen has broadened his search for a donor to the Mt. Juliet area.

Rosen currently resides outside of Charlotte, NC, and with the help of his sister, Melissa Barkstrom of Mt. Juliet, he has expressed his need to this community.

Rosen was diagnosed with renal atrophy, is now at stage 5 kidney decline and has been hoping to find a match for nearly three years.

Several donors with blood types B or O, the blood type required for this particular transplant, have been tested in hopes of being a match; none have been successful.

Though it is admirable, being an organ donor can go beyond the red heart logo on the Tennessee Driver’s License. Being a living donor is possible in many transplant cases.

A common misconception among those contemplating becoming an organ donor is the idea that the procedure will involve an invasive surgery followed by months of rehabilitation. This is not what a kidney transplant entails for a donor, but rather for the recipient.

According to Rosen, this surgery would be just as risky for the donor as if he were undergoing tonsil surgery.

As a husband and father of four, Rosen’s health is an obstacle he is desperate to overcome.

“I want to walk my two daughters down the aisle and see my two boys grow up to be men,” stated Rosen.

Rosen is registered as a kidney recipient in both Charlotte, NC and Nashville. He is associated with Vanderbilt Medical Center (VMC) and Carolina Medical Center (CMC).

In order to be tested to donate a kidney to Rosen, or to another recipient, visit VMC Transplant Center’s website or call (615) 936-0695. A simple form can be filled out online to receive a donor packet in the mail. 

Once all basic information is received an appointment for testing can be scheduled.

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