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BOC approves Martin’s contract

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The board of commissioners approved the contract for new City Manager Kenny Martin, and heard a fire proposal from Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto Monday. 

The contract was approved 4-0-1, with Commissioner Jim Bradshaw abstaining. 

“We’ve suffered, and we are going to grow together, and hopefully prosper together as well,” Martin said after the vote. “Thank you all for having so much confidence in me.”

There will be a reception before the next meeting on Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. to welcome Martin to the new position. 

Hutto brought a discussion item to the board about possibly sharing duty for Mt. Juliet once the new emergency services building is built. 

WEMA would still operate out of Station 3, which is located behind City Hall. That station would cover the area around and what is north, and Providence would cover the south portion of the city. Mayor Ed Hagerty pointed out that Station 3’s coverage area contains more of the city of Mt. Juliet than the new station would. 

“Why wouldn’t Mt. Juliet operate out of Station 3?” Hagerty asked. 

“I was assuming you didn’t want us to be in your new station,” Hutto replied. 

The plan was just a discussion item, so no action was taken. 

The contract with Dow Smith Contracting Company for the Emergency Services Facility in Providence was deferred because of a question of a $68,000 charge that was thought to be a part of the original bid, but was actually in addition to that bid. The commissioners wanted clarification before voting, because the consensus was that it was part of the bid. 

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