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Bruce Dailey’s Health Foods, the natural way to get healthy

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

If you are looking for a natural way to cure what is ailing you, Bruce Dailey’s Health Foods should be able to help. 

Whether it be weight loss, heal spurs, headaches/migraines, back aches or neck aches, all your health needs are covered at Bruce Dailey’s Health Foods. 

Through reflexology, Bruce Dailey’s will determine what your problem is, and get you on the right path to feeling better. 

“Within two weeks, they can usually see a difference,” said Bruce Dailey. 

Dailey said they have seen success in all types of problems, even cancer. Reflexology is checking the nerve endings in your feet, which lead to every part of your body. Skilled reflexologist can tell what is wrong just by analyzing those nerve endings. 

“A lot of people ask what kind of voodoo this is,” joked Dailey. 

In addition to the reflexology session, Bruce Dailey’s offers colon cleanses, kidney cleanses, total detoxes and chair massage with lymph drainages. 

“It’s hard to find anyone around here to do that,” said Dailey of the services offered. 

Bruce got into the business because of his father. His father was injured in a motorcycle wreck, and doctors said he would never walk again. He was paralyzed from the neck down. He was taken to a reflexologist in Smithville, who said that he could get him back walking again. After a couple of months, he was walking normal again. He went into the business, and Bruce followed. 

Reflexology sessions are $35 a session, and chair lymph drainages are $35 as well. Bruce said they are getting stocked on all natural, organic vitamins, so if they don’t have what you need now, check back. 

“I’m excited about being here,” said Dailey. “I can’t wait to welcome everyone to the store.”

Bruce Dailey’s Health Foods is located at 1253 N. Mt. Juliet Road. You can reach them at (615)773-8296. 

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