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City of MJ trying to improve customer service

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Mt. Juliet City Manager Kenny Martin is trying to improve the customer service at the City. 

“Across the board, we were dropping the ball a lot,” said Martin. 

Martin said that he had become aware that many calls from citizens had been routed to the right place, but were not necessarily followed up on to let the customer know their needs were met. Martin and the City have come up with a new plan to help fix those problems. 

When you call the City with an issue that needs to be taken care of, it will be routed to the proper department. Also, a reminder will be set to revisit that issue after so many days to see if it has reached its proper solution. The citizen will be notified on what steps were taken, or need to be taken to fix the problem. 

Martin said that it wasn’t necessarily a lack of will on the City’s part to follow up, they just didn’t have the system in place to make sure each issue was properly handled. He believes some things may have got lost in the shuffle, or there wasn’t proper communication with the citizen to help fix their problem. 

“We are still small enough that we can do better than that,” said Martin. 

The City of Mt. Juliet can be reached at 754-2552. 

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