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Vanderbilt, MJHS teaming up for ‘Be in the Zone; Turn Off Your Phone’

Hayley Richey

MJHS Intern Writer

Three counties in Tennessee were selected to take part in a program conducted by Vanderbilt University, “Be in the Zone; Turn Off Your Phone.” 

The counties were selected by teen motor vehicle fatality rates, Wilson County being the highest. The other counties selected were Dickson and Robertson. The aim of the project is to keep students from texting while driving, a dangerous habit among many teens. The study is being funded in part by Allstate Insurance and Ford Motor Company.

Mt. Juliet High School was selected to represent Wilson County this year, and the HOSA club opted to be in charge of it. The HOSA club, or Health Occupation Services of America, is trying to promote jobs in the medical field and enhance the care in that field to all people. The group’s aim made them a natural choice for the project. 

Mt. Juliet High School student and HOSA member Hannah Tunks is one of the students working on the project. 

“We just want to get the word out,” said Tunks. “We want our students to hear it from us, their parents, and their grandparents. Maybe if they hear it from every angle, it will sink in. Texting and driving is a dangerous thing.”

HOSA is hosting several events throughout this school year, including a community volleyball game at Charlie Daniels Park Sept. 22, this Friday. Everyone is invited and it is going on from 1 to 4 p.m. Other events being held are a carwash, a sidewalk chalk event outside the school, and a speaker testimony to the school.   

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