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Bradshaw running for Mayor

Jim Bradshaw has stepped up to the plate and offered his services as Mt. Juliet Mayor.

Jim states, “I am excited about being able to serve you as Mayor. I enjoy being a public servant. I am currently serving as Mt.Juliet City Commissioner and Wilson County Commissioner. My service for Mt.Juliet has been 15 1/2 years and Wilson County Commissioner for 2 years.

“I was born and raised in Wilson County and I’m so proud to call it home,” states Bradshaw.

“We live in a very challenging time with our economy and the difficulty of families trying to pay the monthly bills. I have been very conservative with the expenditure of your tax dollars and will continue to ask many questions. I am on a very tight budget and understand many financial situations. Bradshaw also states his knowledge and understanding to have a balanced budget and each year as city commissioner has helped to achieve a balanced city budget for 15 years.” 

Jim continues, “we have a fast paced growing city both in population and businesses. It is a big challenge to keep up with infrastructure.”

Bradshaw says for the record he started Mt.Juliet’s now 5th year Farmers Market; voted for the start and continuation of our Music City Train; has been a supporter and advocate for our Animal Shelter and is very supportive for our successful animal adoption record and all the volunteers that makes this a success.

“I am now serving my 3rd year as a volunteer with Relay For Life. Relay has a fundraiser and ceremony each year to raise funds to find a cure for cancer and to remember the loved ones we have lost (Jim lost his 24 year old daughter to cancer 2 years ago on Thanksgiving Day). We are also there to celebrate more birthdays of our survivors and to pay tribute to all the caregivers.”

Jim says, “being City Commissioner or Mayor is not just a title, it is being involved in your Community and helping out and participating.

“As your city mayor I will continue to be dedicated, conservative and show interest in our great city. I want to continue work on better roads, more bike/walking trails and recreation areas; consolidate our city public buildings where possible and look at a museum in the future.”

Bradshaw asks,” I need your vote during early voting or election day” and stated,” I am the only one on the city commission that voted NO to the installation of the Red Light Cameras.”

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