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MJHS adopts ‘Parent Connect’ website

Hayley Richey

MJHS Intern Writer

This school year, Mt. Juliet High School has taken on a new program available to the parents and faculty, where the student’s grades, attendance logs, and behavioral records can be viewed at anytime.  

The website is updated daily around 5 p.m. 

Before using the web site, parents could only interact with teachers once a semester in parent-teacher conferences and progress reports. 

If a parent wanted to ask a teacher a question, implore about a current grade, or find out what their student’s homework was that night, they would have to communicate via email or try getting a hold of them on the phone. 

With the new Parent Connect program, all the parent has to do is  log in, and all the answers to the previous questions are right on the home page.   

With the new system, it becomes easier for parents to be more involved in the academic life of the student. 

The parents are able to see if their child needs extra help, or if their teacher has tried to communicate with them. 

When asked her stance on the matter, Assistant Principal Candis Angle responded, “I don’t believe the site is an invasion of privacy. The site is updated every night with the students’ grades, and if they have misbehaved in any class. Every parent signs up for the site and once on it they may change things if they choose to. The site is a very valuable tool for parents, and teachers.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please go to or visit the website it’s self at with your student’s log-in information. 

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