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Please Buckle Up

On a daily basis the average motorist will personally witness 20 to 30 motorists failing to restrain either themselves or their children. Most motorists realize the serious risk involved with not being properly restrained while traveling the roadways, however, some motorists still fail to see the risk involved with not buckling up. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children and also rank near the top as a leading cause of death to adults, as well.

Therefore, my requests and wish is that each and every citizen of our great county and city please wear and use their safety belts at all times when traveling the roadways. I would also ask that each and every child under the age of four be placed in the appropriate car safety device and that all children between the ages of four and eight use a child booster seat and seat belts. Taking just a few seconds to place your child in a car safety device or seat belt is a proven lifesaver.

Thousands of people are killed each and every year because of failing to buckle up. Taking just a few seconds to properly restrain each and every occupant in your vehicle will definitely be time well spent. Hospital and emergency personnel see daily the tragedies often associated with not using seat belts and car safety seats for drivers and passengers, and know first hand the many benefits gained and lives saved because of proper occupant protection.

Another request pertains to the riding of passengers in the rear cargo area of pickup trucks. The cargo area of a pickup truck was not designed nor intended for the transportation of people. However, space limitations inside the cabs of trucks often force passengers into riding in the cargo/bed area of the truck. As the use of pickup trucks continues to increase, so do injuries and deaths associated with pickup truck crashes. Most injuries and deaths occurring in pickup truck crashes involve passengers riding unrestrained in the cargo area, being thrown out of the vehicle during a crash or rollover. Each year an average of 200 deaths can be attributed to passengers riding unrestrained in the back of pickup trucks. 

The old it won’t happen to me theory doesn’t work here. Please use seat belts and proper child restraint devices when traveling the roadways and always obey the rules of the road.  We can’t afford, or tolerate losing any of our citizen’s. Please, please buckle up and be safe!

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