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Walking in the spirit

The Word of God reads in Galatians 5:16 from the (NKJV), “I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”  

We have the instruction and admonition from this verse that if we will give place to living in and by the Spirit of God we will not fulfill the lust (or desires) of our flesh.  

In order to do this, we must have understanding of what it means to “walk” in this manner.  

The meaning here is: to live or to tread all around.  

It is how we conduct ourselves or we could say, it is our manner of living.  If you follow the definition on out, it also means a “path”.  

In simple meaning, it is a set path; a certain course that God has laid out for His children to walk.  

Of course this path is revealed to us in the Bible.  

So, for me to walk in this manner I must be a person who gives place to God’s Word every day.  

When I say, “give place to the Word”, I mean that each child of God is to read the Word, meditate the Word and make a quality decision that we are going to obey the Word as we live life here on this earth.  

The more I read the Bible, concentrate on, and practice those instructions through my speech and actions, the more God’s Spirit will be displayed in my life.  

Fleshly lusts and desires give way to the light of God.  

In other words, when I give place to the nature of God on the inside of me, I will not fulfill those desires that are contrary to the set path and certain course God has for me.  

This all begins with a decision, and that decision being: I will walk in the Spirit.

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