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Highway 109 Bridge project moving right along

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Going north out of Wilson County is going to get a lot easier in the next year. 

The project to replace the bridge over Old Hickory Lake on Highway 109 will improve it to four lanes and help traffic move through the area. 

“The estimated completion date for the bridge is October 2013” said Beth Emmons of TDOT. 

The state route saw over 17,000 cars travel last year, so the need was there for the project. That number is expected to double in the next 25 years. 

TDOT showed off the project recently with a bus tour of several projects in the area.   One of the other projects was the widening of I-40 from Highway 109 to 840. Emmons said that project is still awaiting final approval by upper management and no details were available at this time. 

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