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Liquor stores on ballot, no provisions yet

On Nov. 6 Mt. Juliet residents will have the opportunity to vote whether or not they would like to allow package liquor stores to open in their City.  

The City Recorder of Mt. Juliet should have final results of that voting on Nov. 7. Certification of the vote result may take several weeks after Nov. 6.   

Currently  there are no provisions (no rules, regulations, applications, fees, etc.) established in the City Charter or Municipal Code allowing package liquor stores. 

Therefore, the City is unable to tell individuals interested what the requirements are or provide an application.  Any laws to regulate Package Liquor Stores will have to be established and approved by the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners.  It will require a majority vote over two meetings but only if the referendum passes on Nov. 6. If the referendum passes the Board of Commissioners will develop the rules, regulations, applications, fees etc. to apply for a License to operate a Package Liquor Store in Mt. Juliet.  Information will be posted to our website as it becomes available:

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