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Middle Tennesse Pediatric Dentistry gives Save-A-Tooth kits to local schools

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Middle Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry is helping schools be prepared if a dental emergency happens. 

“Pediatric Dentistry is all about prevention and educating our parents,” said Dentist Bryan Byrnside. 

Byrnside and Middle Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry have started handing out Save-A-Tooth kits to local schools. Byrnside said that kids are a lot more active in sports these days, often playing year round. That means there is a higher chance that a tooth may get accidentally knocked out. The Save-A-Tooth kits have a container and a solution to place the tooth in while you are on the way to the dentist. 

“It physiologically mimics what is going on inside the mouth,” said Byrnside. 

The solution contains salt, sugar and water, so it keeps the tooth in the same environment it would be in the mouth. 

Byrnside said that if a tooth is knocked out, if you can try to put it back in, do so. If not, put it inside a container in some kind of liquid. He said milk is good, and water would be a distant option if you had no other option. When you are picking it up, hold it by the crown, and never scrub the root. If you do not take these steps, the tooth could dry out and die. 

Middle Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry is located at 40 W Caldwell Street in Mt. Juliet. They can be reached at (615)758-7511.

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