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MJHS Theatre Program presents ‘Every Soul Needs to be Loved’

Hayley Richey

MJHS Intern Writer

The MJHS Theatre Program is working hard on their new production, “Every Soul Needs to be Loved.”

The cast members sometimes stay after school up to four times a week. They are not the only ones working hard, though. Students are involved in every aspect of the play, from make-up crew to the lighting and sound booth technicians. All of the students involved have volunteered several hours of after school rehearsal time and behind the scenes preparation. When asked her opinion of the play so far, junior Jayd Graves said, “Everyone who is lucky enough to be a part of the cast has put in so much effort, and so much heart. We are all really excited for the show’s opening.” 

Performance nights of Every Soul Needs to be Loved are Oct. 18, Oct. 20, Oct. 26, and Oct. 27, all shows beginning at 7 p.m.

Once the fall production is finished, the Theatre department is moving directly into “Bear Pride Idol,” a vocal competition hosted by the choral department and theatre as well. The competition has the first round of auditions on Nov. 12, and the finale will be Dec. 12. 

New this year to Mt. Juliet this year is the “Winter Production.” 

The theatre cast has never attempted doing so many projects so close together, with the Winter Production being scheduled to premiere right after the finale of Bear Pride Idol.

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