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The Young Driver

This article goes out to all the young drivers who feel they constantly hear their parents preach about safe driving techniques and rules of the road. Trust me, we know how you feel. Remember, we’ve been there and done that. So there is quite a bit of knowledge and experience that goes along with getting older.

It may seem at times that everything your parents say is nothing more than a conspiracy to make your life dull, boring and difficult. But as I’ve mentioned before, your parents are much smarter than you give them credit for. Parents are like ace detectives on a case. The only difference in there case is that it involves no crime. There case is to investigate, learn and know as much as possible about today’s teens and their habits in order to keep you safe. Trends change like the seasons, but the one thing that never seems to change is life. Every teen goes through a stage in life where they feel their parents know nothing and are completely out of touch with current trends and issues. The old what do you know theory kicks in.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is apparent because of the difference in age that teens and adults will normally not like the same music, clothes and so on. But what parents have on teens is experience and you can’t buy experience. Experience and knowledge can only be gained over time with life experiences.

So my appeal to all teens is to please just simply listen to your parents. Listen to the words and wisdom of those who are trying to keep you from harm. These are the people who love you more than life itself. You may not realize it, but no matter how big you get, you will always be mom and dad’s little baby. Parents don’t view their kids any differently the older they get. Parents are always parents and will always care and love you no matter what. They will always want the best for you and worry about you constantly.

So to all the many teens and young people out there, please listen to your parents and elders about driving and other life issues. People who truly care about you will never lead you astray. Take their words to not only your hearts, but your minds, as well. Life can be tough, but listening to those who have lots of experience could and will save you lots of heartache and trouble, and might just save your life.

Listen, Watch and Learn. It’s your life to live. Please live it wisely!  

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