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Del Webb Fire Station Kitchen Committee renovates

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The new fire station is still several months away from being built, but the existing station looks brand new thanks to some generous citizens. 

The Del Webb Fire Station Kitchen Committee redid the inside of Station 3, located behind Mt. Juliet City Hall. 

“We renovated the entire place,” said Del Webb resident Sidney Payne. 

Payne had told the City of Mt. Juliet that if they built a fire station, they would furnish the kitchen. So they asked WEMA Director John Jewell if they could visit some other stations to see what they were like. They saw the newest station at Watertown, two other stations, then ended at Station 3 in Mt. Juliet. 

“When we walked in, we were appalled,” said Payne. “It was unlivable.”

Payne said they had a mouse problem. All of their utensils were kept in a fish bowl on the counter because of it. They couldn’t keep anything below the counter as well. Every time they used the restroom, they had to plunge the toilet. When they started to take the cabinets out, there were two live plugs behind them, which is a fire code violation. 

That made the Del Webb Fire Station Kitchen Committee realize that they needed to redo the existing fire station before the new one. 

With around $3,000 cash, the committee redid the entire place. The Veterans Club, The Garden Club, Needham’s, Granite Transformations and Pulte Homes were a few of the people that stepped in and donated. 

“Everything in the kitchen is brand new,” said Payne. 

A lot of the items were donated from people who were doing renovations, like the stove. Someone came in and tiled behind the stove. A stainless steel hood was given to them. 

Outside, a new sign was painted, and the electricity was rerouted so that there would be a light on the American flag that hangs outside. 

“The firefighters really love it,” said Payne. She said that she has been told that it has made a big difference in morale, and the firefighters have been very protective of the station. If someone leaves their shoes lying out, they get after each other to clean up after themselves. 

They also added a personal touch. A group at Del Webb made a quilt, and also monogrammed each firefighter their own towels when they have to clean up. 

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