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Planning approves three issues

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The planning commission approved three issues at the meeting Thursday. 

The first was to annex the Fast Track Market, located on the corner of South Mt. Juliet Road and Central Pike, into the City of Mt. Juliet. The annexation was passed unanimously. 

They also approved a site plan for Beckwith Farms on Beckwith Road and Rutland Road. It is for a warehouse that will be 706,500 square foot building. A tenant is not finalized, but CEVA is interested in the spot. 

The commission also approved a change at Providence West Medical Center to allow a larger sign than allowed. The sign maker had started a sign that was 120 square feet, when only a 40 square foot sign was allowed. 

City Planner Steve Foote pointed out that the rules for signs on larger buildings like Providence West Medical Center were a little off. A single tenant in a three story building is allowed three, 158 square foot signs, while a multi-tenant building in a 3-story building are only allowed one, 40 square foot sign. The commission agreed that issue should be reviewed in the future. They approved unanimously the request for Providence West Medical Center to keep the 120 square foot sign. 

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