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Liquor store rules to be worked out

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Liquor stores will be coming to Mt. Juliet, but the rules about them are still uncertain. 

Mt. Juliet voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of bringing liquor stores to Mt. Juliet on Election Day. Over 70 percent were in favor of the measure, which was started by Del Webb resident Sidney Payne. 

“We are trying to go with what other cities have done,” said City Manager Kenny Martin. 

Martin said that the City is crafting some rules now, and the City Commissioners will have their first reading of the ordinance at the Nov. 26 regular meeting. 

Some ideas that have been proposed are that it would be a smaller structure, preferably a free standing building. Also, the owner of the building would have to own it completely, or be a majority owner of the property. They would also have to be a resident of Wilson County for the last five years. 

The plan right now is to allow two in the city limits, preferably one on the north side and one the south side. The rule would be one store per 10,000 people. Mt. Juliet should surpass 30,000 people in the coming years, so a third one could be considered at that time. Martin said the City is trying to find certain areas within the city limits which would be a good spot for a liquor store, one that is a safe distance from schools or churches. 

All of these rules are just possibilities at this point, and the City Commissioners will have the power to change whatever they deem necessary. 

“We have the option to make it the best it can be,” said Martin. 

Martin said that he believes that the stores will be beneficial to the community because it will drive traffic, and the planning commission will do all it can to make it aesthetically pleasing for the community. He doesn’t think the economic impact will be huge, but any economic impact to the community is a good one. 

The City Commission will hear the first reading of the ordinance, Monday, Nov. 26. 

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