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MJHS making technological advances

Hayley Richey

MJHS Writer Intern

This year, the Mt. Juliet High School paper, the Golden Ray, is almost completely digital. They post updated articles pertaining to the school, the community, and the students every afternoon. 

The school’s news broadcasting station, BNN, is also expanding digitally. The channel has been picked up by TDS, which almost doubles the amount of people who could see it. BNN broadcasts everyday on channel 9, 24 hours a day. Joe Martin, the sponsor and teacher for the media class said on the subject, “We’re really hoping to reach new viewers. We want our program to be available to everyone who wishes to see it.” Before being picked up by TDS, BNN was only available to Comcast viewers. 

Also available for the first time this year, Mt. Juliet High School has begun holding meetings to start a Film Club, dedicated to teaching students how to create movies and videos. The club currently has around 20 members. 

Martin also wants it known that everything on BNN and channel 9 are student generated, meaning that all of the announcements and video shorts are the student’s responsibility. 

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