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WCHS student council wins honor at convetion

The Wilson Central students’ council attended the The Southern Association of Student Councils convention in Orlando, Fla. Oct. 26-29. 

The Southern Association of Student Councils centers its attention on a segment of our society that represents the future of our nation in virtually every respect the new leadership. 

Student Councils representing member schools throughout the 15 member state region still convene once a year to provide leadership training practical experience in democratic principles, an exchange of ideas, and an exposure to different life styles as guests in the host school community. 

Believing that we can no longer live in a world where our interests are limited to the people and problems of our immediate community, the Southern Association of Student Councils continues to offer student council members throughout the region a chance to grow and expand their knowledge through travel and shared experience. 

The convention also provides school’s the opportunity to run for offices within the SASC. 

Wilson Central ran and won the Parliamentarian office for the organization.

Student council members who attended this year’s convention were Kayla Gardner, Bryce Hammer, Jillian Drury, Emily Carney, Gibson Carney, Alex Hudson, Alexandra Schafer, Cory Clemmons, Hayden Chaple, and Carrie Grace Pody.

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