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Art Center of Mt. Juliet open

The Art Center of Mt. Juliet is helping people to find their artistic voice. 

The Art Center offers art classes for ages 6 through adult. They offer general instruction, painting, drawing, caricatures and airbrush classes. 

How many times has someone said, “I can’t even draw a straight line.” If drawing straight lines is holding you back from expressing yourself through art, The Art Center of Mt. Juliet is your art studio. In their non-competitive atmosphere you will get the feeling of “I can.” Their philosophy is simple. You create where you are comfortable. They provide general materials like pencils, paper and crayons for group lessons. 

They offer instruction and group lessons in charcoal, pencil, marker, color, specialize in portraits and caricatures, but all projects are welcome. Students work at their own pace on individual projects and receive instruction at their easel. Beginning to advanced students of all ages are welcome. Instruction will include demonstration, explanation of materials, technique, color and composition, critique and personalized instruction. 

Art instruction will be considered individually and can work on a project of choice that is decided with the instructor or student. Students will receive personal attention throughout the class. Students are encouraged to work at their level according to their individual strengths. 

Private lessons are available at Art Center of Mt. Juliet. Students will consult with the instructor to create a personalized lesson. Students must purchase their own supplies so that projects can be continued at home. A materials list will be given to the student depending on the nature of their lessons. Lesson times and length will be arranged with the instructor. 

Gifts are also available at their Art Center. Order a portrait or caricature from photo, bring caricature and portrait artist to your special event or birthday party and see life drawings of your friends and family. Or support our local artist by purchasing their unique art pieces and painting at our studio. Rental space is available for the weekends. 

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