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MJHS offers peer tutoring

Hayley Richey 

MJHS Intern Writer

Mt. Juliet High School has recently started offering peer tutoring after school Monday through Friday. It is free to anyone who would like any extra help in math. There are several experienced students in courses as high as College Algebra ready to jump in and explain a tough problem. 

For many of the students receiving help, it just seems to make more sense coming from a student who was just in the same course a few years ago. 

“I am so glad I started attending [Math Tutoring],” said one student. “My grades have really improved and I actually get stuff done. Its also nice that I can just attend when I need help, and I don’t have to be here when I don’t need to be.”

For the tough problems that the students helping with the programs can’t solve, there is always a sponsor or a teacher near by to work their magic. 

The kids receiving help aren’t the only ones getting something out of it, though. The helpful students who volunteer their time with the program are getting several of the needed community service hours that are required for graduation. 

All in all, the program has gone off without a hitch and seems extremely beneficial to the students.

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