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Carrick Glen’s name steeped in MJ history

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Carrick Glen Senior Living Community is as connected to the history of Mt. Juliet as it is to the city today. 

The name comes from the only other Mt. Juliet in the world, a large estate in Thomastown in Kilkenny County, Ireland. 

“[When we were getting started] One of the owners (Gary L. Keckley) googled Mt. Juliet,” said Carrick Glen Executive Director Gail Salaun. 

In the early 1760s, the Earl of Carrick, Samuel Butler, built a grand house for his wife Juliana Boyle, who was also known as Juliet. For the next 140 years, the Earls of Carrick lived in that estate. Members of the Butler family settled in Mt. Juliet around the time the Mount Juliet estate was built near Central Pike and Chandler Road. The Butlers didn’t live in the house, but could have been acquainted with John Davis, who did. It is not proven why Davis gave his home the name, Mt. Juliet, though there are plenty of theories. 

Today, Mount Juliet is luxury estate and hotel, complete with a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Keckley made a trip over there, and took the photographers that line the wall at Carrick Glen in Mt. Juliet. It is gorgeous pictures of the Irish countryside, and plenty of the Mt. Juliet Estate. 

Carrick Glen Senior Living Community is located at 100 Carrick Court in Mt. Juliet. For more information, contact (615)622-0953 or check them out on the web at If you would like to check out the Mount Juliet Estate go to

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