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Biker’s Choice opens

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Mt. Juliet has become a more bike friendly city the past few years with the bike lanes and green transportation, and now citizens have place to get all their biking needs. 

Biker’s Choice Bicycle Shop opened up at 11493 Lebanon Road last week. They offer all kinds of cycling options for Mt. Juliet and the surrounding communities. Whether it be a new bike, an upgrade, a repair or any other cycling related issue, Biker’s Choice has you covered. 

“We help you make the right choice in their cycling needs,” said owner David Hardin. 

Hardin has owned Biker’s Choice in Hendersonville for 23 years, and when he saw an opportunity to come to Mt. Juliet, he didn’t let it pass. 

“There is just a big market established here,” said Hardin about Mt. Juliet. He said that 15 percent of his customers in Hendersonville came from the Mt. Juliet and Hermitage area. 

Hardin said that Biker’s Choice’s slogan, “The right choice in cycling” means that Hardin and the staff will help make the right choice for you. He wants to help coach the customer so they can maximize their dollar. That ensures that they will be happy with their purchase, and know when it is time for a change, Biker’s Choice will help them make another great decision. 

When you purchase a bicycle from Biker’s Choice, you will get free adjustments for a year, and have warranties for one, two or three years, plus a lifetime warranty on the frame. 

Hardin said that Biker’s Choice will have three mechanics on staff and will handle all repair needs, usually with a 1-2 day turn around, some can be done on the spot. 

Hardin said that Biker’s Choice is a family first store, and wants to help make the cycling experience for the family a special one. Whether it is a 3-year old learning to get off the training wheels, or a family that likes to go mountain biking, they can help you. 

They also want to help the more seasoned rider who may want to get out on the roads. 

“There are some beautiful roads in Wilson County,” said Hardin. 

Hardin said that he loves all the improvements that the city has made to include biking lanes in their plans, and the city has been wonderful to him getting starting in Mt. Juliet. He said that Mt. Juliet now offers you a way to get around the city on your bike, and wants to encourage people to cycle to work, or to the train station where they can go downtown to work or play. 

Biker’s Choice is located at 11493 Lebanon Road next to The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet’s building. They are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. You can reach them at (615)758-8620 or check them out on the web at 

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