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Woman tries to hire hitman to kill ex-husband

On Jan. 9, detectives with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office received information that a Mt. Juliet woman was trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband.  

Upon opening the investigation into the information detectives found the female to be Bryam Megan Ewers, 42, of Mt. Juliet. 

Detectives arranged so that Ewers could contact an undercover officer who would pose as the hitman. After contact was made by Ewers a meeting was set up on Monday, Jan. 14 to arrange the hit. An undercover officer met with Ewers in a Lebanon parking lot; the meeting was recorded and during the conversation the female agreed to payment of $5,000 to have her ex-husband killed. Ewers also supplied photos of her ex-husband and his residence to aid in carrying out the hit. 

After the conversation, detectives arrested Ewers and she was transported to the Wilson County Jail and charged with Solicitation to Commit First Degree Murder, bond was set at $1,000,000. 

After Ewers’ arrest a search warrant was issued for her residence at 1621 West Wilson Blvd., Mt. Juliet, where additional evidence was found, including a large amount of cash as well as computer equipment.  

She has a preliminary court date of Feb. 14.

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