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Mayor optimistic for 2013 in State of the City address

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Mayor Ed Hagerty gave his annual State of the City address at the Chamber Luncheon Wednesday, and unveiled plans for a new public area at the corner of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Division Street. 

The area will have a small stage, monuments, fountains and restrooms accessible to both park visitors and train riders. It will also be heavily landscaped and have a play area for children. Hagerty said it will help give the downtown Mt. Juliet area an identity. 

“When you drive by, day or night, you will know you are home,” said Hagerty. 

There will also be pillars in the area inscribed with the mottos of Mt. Juliet. Hagerty said he was reaching out to the public to help with what those mottos would be. 

He also talked about how the city is about to purchase land that would double the size of the park land in Mt. Juliet. 

Hagerty went over the success that Mt. Juliet has seen over the last few years. 

“The city is still hitting on all cylinders,” said Hagerty. 

He talked about the upcoming developments in Beckwith and Providence Central. The Central development, when finished, could be the biggest tax creator in the city’s history. The plans are larger than Providence now. 

Hagerty went over the sales tax numbers, which have increased every month for the past four years over the previous year. In addition, there are several new businesses opening soon like Pier 1 Imports, Mirko Pasta, Martin’s Barbecue, Bar-B-Cutie, Firehouse Subs, Blue Coast Burrito, among many others. 

“The city is on fire,” said Hagerty of the sales tax generated, and the new businesses coming into the city limits. 

He also spoke of the new Fire Hall on Belinda Parkway which will be finished in the summer, and will be paid in full by cash upon completion. There are plans for another fire station on the north side of the town in 2016. Both station will lower ISO ratings, which will lower insurance rates. 

He also applauded the work of the Mt. Juliet Police Department which had a 59 percent solvability rate last year, the highest in the county. 

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