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Liquor store rules finalized

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Wednesday was the first day of applications for a liquor store after the regulations were approved at the Monday Board of Commissioners meeting. 

The regulations passed on the second reading passed 4-1 with Jim Bradshaw voting against them. 

Commissioner Ray Justice echoed his problems with the regulations Monday, but didn’t want to go through trying to get seconds on any of his motions again. 

“I strenuously object to these regulations,” said Justice. 

Justice had problems with many issues in the previous meeting including that the regulations limited the number of stores in Mt. Juliet to three. The ordinance reads that there will be one store per 8,000 people, but with a limit of three. Mt. Juliet has already passed the 24,000 population mark, so they will be stuck at three unless a future commission decides to change it. 

“Let the market decide which one will stay open,” said Justice. 

Applicants have 10 days to apply starting Wednesday, and they must be received by the end of business Friday, Dec. 22. A public notice must run three times in a local newspaper, and must be paid for by the applicant. On March 4, preliminary reports will be given to the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and they will hold hearings on all applicants, March 12. March 18, the Alcoholic Beverage Commission will submit their recommendations to the Board of Commissioners, and resolution will be put forward on March 25 for the three chose applicants. 

The Board of Commissioners also appropriated $75,000 to the Mt. Juliet League to help them get up and going after the tornado did around $200,000 worth of damage. Tryouts have already been held and practices will begin soon. Some fields are without lights, so it makes it difficult to get all the practices in during day time hours. 

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