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New Goodwill approved by planning

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A site plan for a new Goodwill and many other items were approved by the planning commission Thursday. 

The location on Providence West Boulevard will be a retail and training center. 

A preliminary plat and site plan for Robinson Crossing, a development on the land across from the Essex Shopping Center at the corner of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Old Lebanon Dirt Road was also approved. Two lots will be developed with the first being a two floor building with retail on the bottom and offices on the top. 

Ascend Federal Credit Union made a presentation to the commission because a material they wanted to use on their building was denied. The material was a coating. All buildings in the Paddocks have to be made of brick or stone. Representatives from Ascend argued that the coating was made up of stone, and the city doesn’t clearly define what brick and stone mean. 

“Brick is brick and stone is stone,” said Chairman Luke Winchester. Winchester said that the requirements for Paddocks were made several years ago, and the commission sticks by it for the image of the city. 

Mayor Ed Hagerty said if they bent the rules for some people, it hurts everyone around because it lowers property values with a lesser building. He said everyone wants to come here because of the growth and the city takes great measures to make sure the aesthetics are of the highest value. 

“We would have a community that no one wants to come to,” said Hagerty. 

The board voted to uphold the decision to not allow the coating. 

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