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Firehouse Subs donates $13,400 worth of equipment to WEMA

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Firehouse Subs, through its Public Safety Foundation, donated $13,400 worth of equipment to WEMA Tuesday. 

They purchased three Rad-57 Handheld Pulse CO-oximeters and accessories. 

The equipment will detect if someone has carbon monoxide poisoning in order to expedite the best treatment. It can be used for firefighters battling fires or for an individual who may have carbon monoxide poisoning in their home or business. 

“This type of monitor means a lot to us,” said WEMA Director John Jewell. “We are very thankful for this.”

Jewell said the equipment will be shared with the new Mt. Juliet Fire Department.

“The foundation lets us help our community so much,” said Firehouse Subs Mt. Juliet Store Manager Brian Desmarais. “We’re excited to be able to give this to you. 

Desmarais is the store manager of the Hermitage store as well, which helped give the Mt. Juliet Police Department defibrillators for every police car in 2011. The Firehouse Subs Public Foundation has donated $5.7 million in 36 states and Puerto Rico, and $330,140 in Tennessee. 

Firehouse Subs just recently opened in the Providence area. They are located at 650 S. Mt. Juliet Road. 

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