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Two liquor stores set to go

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The board of commissioners granted a certificate of compliance for the first two liquor stores Monday night. 

Mt. Juliet Wine & Spirits and Providence Wine & Spirits will be the first two stores in Mt. Juliet. Mt. Juliet Wine & Spirits will be located on Lebanon Road in the newly renovated building that used to hold Cindy Lou’s Books. Boost Mobile has a store in that building as well. Providence Wine & Spirits will be in a new building constructed on the west side of South Mt. Juliet Road off of Providence Parkway. Both are several months away from opening. 

Providence Wine & Spirits was voted 3-2 over another location in the Publix shopping center on South Mt. Juliet Road. Mt. Juliet Wine & Spirits was voted 5-0 over Vin Fine Wine & Spirits that would have been located next to Publix at the corner of Lebanon Road and N. Mt. Juliet Road. 

Applications are now open for a third store. The commissioners set that the stores had to be three miles apart, and all 11 applications were either in the Providence area or near the corner of Lebanon Road and N. Mt. Juliet Road. Almost all of Mt. Juliet Road from the interstate to Lebanon Road is not zoned properly for a liquor store, so the most likely area for a third store would be in the Shiloh area. People have 10 days to get in an application for a third store. The City welcomed the people that already applied to apply again for another location, because nine applications were good applications. 

In other business, the commissioners voted to reallocate appropriations for the park trail repaving  to allow for additional funds for Ava’s Splash Pad. The city was able to save money on the repaving, so they transferred that money to help finish the Splash Pad. There are four possible locations for the Splash Pad in Charlie Daniels Park. The commissioners asked that the city staff work out the pros and cons for the locations because they all had issues. Some had utility and power line problems and some conflicted with football. The commissioners will choose the location at the next meeting. 

The commissioners voted 4-1 to amend the city’s unified development code on signs. A majority of the change had to do with LED signs. Mayor Ed Hagerty proposed an amendment that only churches, schools and parks would be allowed to construct LED signs in the future. Only Jim Bradshaw voted against it. The issue arose when the new LED sign on the corner of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Old Lebanon Dirt Road was erected. 

“I like the sign,” said Bradshaw, who had also sponsored a resolution to lift the moratorium on those types of signs the commissioners had set in place. 

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