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Getting kids ready for kindergarten

Sabrina Garrett

Special to The Chronicle

Almost everyone remembers their first day of school, and for hundreds of upcoming kindergarteners that day is just a few short months away.

Wilson County Director of Schools Mike Davis reminded those in attendance at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting that Thursday is registration day for first-time students. 

Registration will take place during school hours at all 12 elementary schools in the county, said Attendance Supervisor Stan Moss, adding that state laws regarding registration have changed this year.

In previous years, a child entering the school system had to have turned 5 years old prior to Sept. 30 of that school year; however, state law now requires that children be 5 years old by Aug. 31 to enter kindergarten. The exception to this new rule is children who are registered through state approved and accredited preschool programs.

“Those kids can go into kindergarten if they met the Sept. 30 date. They are going to honor that for two years to give people the opportunity to get the kids in that are already in those state approved programs and ready to go into kindergarten,” Moss said.

Parents are required to present several important documents during registration, including a certified birth certificate for their child, a Social Security card, Tennessee School Immunization Certificate, proof of custody if parents are divorced or separated, and two proofs of residence. Moss explained that acceptable proofs of residence are utility bills, property tax statements, driver’s license indicating the current address, voter registration card, IRS forms, insurance documents, bank account statements, mortgage document or property deed.

To get a Tennessee School Immunization Certificate, parents should contact their child’s doctor or health department and schedule an appointment for a physical. At the time of the physical, the Tennessee School Immunization Certificate will be issued.

Moss said that parents confused over which elementary school their child is zoned for can easily find their school by going to

“They have bus routing and zoning. They can plug in the grade their kid is going into and their address and find out which school zone they are in. They could also call the school they think they are zoned for and they will look that information up,” he said.

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