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2020 vision for MJ

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Vice Mayor James Maness presented a list of projects to the commissioners Monday, April 8 of what he would like to see done by the year 2020. 

“The list came about as part of some short term goals I was wanting to complete or get the ball rolling before my time in office ends,” said Maness. 

The list is being called “The Mt. Juliet 20/20 Vision.” 

Maness said that he hopes for a fully operation Fire Department, sewer and road infrastructure improvements, and parks and greenways improvements.

The list he presented had seven projects on it. The most expensive was widening Old Lebanon Dirt Road, which would cost an estimated $30 million. Ed Hagerty joked that they had actually found documentation that President Andrew Jackson wanted to widen Old Lebanon Dirt Road.

The Central Pike I-40 exit, the Eastern Connector (I-40 at Beckwith to Lebanon Road), widening South Mt. Juliet Road to five lanes to Central Pike, widening Central Pike from the proposed exit to South Mt. Juliet Road, extending South Green Hill Road to Old Lebanon Dirt Road and the completion of the Town Center Trail are all on the list. 

The estimated cost for all the projects are $102,580,000, with an engineering cost of $1,080,000. The City could receive local matches for the projects which could eat up some of the cost. The estimated match ranges from $13,140,000 to $22,940,000. 

The current city debt is $16,100,000, and the bond debt requires $1,100,000 annually to service the debt over the next 20 years. 

Maness also included in the report that Motorola Communications upgrade for the Police Department and Fire Department will require an average of an additional $240,000 annually for four more years. 

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