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Commander Run proves to be tough challenge

The event, slated as the “Toughest in Tennessee” held true to its name as participants of the Second Annual FCS Commander Run left panting after the extreme 5K and admitting, “This was definitely harder than last year’s Commander – extremely challenging and fun.”

They are referring to the mud-crawling, obstacle-climbing, extreme terrain course that attracted athletes from all around Tennessee and Kentucky to push their limits on endurance and toughness. Most who participated noted that their times in the “insane obstacle race” were longer than last year with the addition of obstacles on the course.

School President Jon Shoulders said that FCS is pleased to offer this signature event to promote physical fitness and make it something everyone could enjoy.   It’s also a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see our entire 50-acre campus.  The event included the Ultra Extreme, the Extreme 5K, the Mini-Extreme and the Cross-Country 5K – offering something for those at every level of fitness.

Winners from the event benefiting Friendship Christian School include:

Cross County 5K winners were Kaleb Dickerson (Male) and Ashlee Chance (Female).

Mini Extreme winners were Jared Dickey (M) and Zoe Kane (F).

Extreme 5K winners were Kerry Dickerson (M) and Liz Thompson (F).

Ultimate Extreme winners were Kerry Dickerson (M) and Gina Granstaff (F).

Extreme Commander Run participant, Tab Kirkland, who travels to extreme races around the southeast including the Spartan and Warrior Dash, agreed that the Commander Run course was tough – “even tougher than last year.”  “It was a really fun race – challenging and one that’s on my calendar for next year,” he said.

Shoulders said the funds raised from the Commander Run will go into the school’s fund to help offset operation expenses for FCS.

For more information, visit or call Friendship Christian School at (615)449-1573.

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