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Youth football officially moving to Mundy Park

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The board of commissioners approved a lease with MYFSA to move them to Mundy Park, and awarded another liquor store license Monday. 

The proposed move of youth football was approved on first reading April 22, which angered some of the adult softball players that played on the four fields at Mundy Park. Three of those fields are proposed to be torn down to make room for three new football fields. The commissioners were sent many emails about the move, which would displace some of the softball teams due to lack of fields. 

“If it comes to a battle, which I don’t think it should – it’s ridiculous that it got turned into this – between 100 adults and 800 kids, the 100 adults are going to have to be inconvenienced, hopefully temporarily, until we can build that sportsplex,” said Commissioner Ray Justice. 

Justice was referring to a 127 acre piece of land that the City is possibly interested in purchasing that would provide plenty of room for several different types of sports fields and park land. Some issues with the Eastern Connector project are delaying the possible sell of the land. He also mentioned the possibility of constructing a softball field in the area where the football fields are now in Charlie Daniels Park to help give a place for those displaced to play. 

The lease agreement was eventually worked out after a lengthy discussion over some issues. The main sticking point was that the new lease didn’t guarantee MJYSA a home if Mundy Park was sold at some point to a developer. The lease they signed back in 1987 allowed them a home indefinitely at Charlie Daniels Park. MJYSA President Shane Ray said that he understood if someone purchased the land at Mundy Park for development that they would move to another location, and the MJYSA was aware of that possibility. His fear was that the lease agreement only said that the city would use their “best efforts” to find another home for them. Ray said that if that was the case, then they are better off staying at Charlie Daniels Park with no room to grow because at least they would be guaranteed a home. 

In the end, the commissioners agreed to keep the Charlie Daniels Park football fields in relatively the same condition, but use it for other sports like lacrosse and soccer. That way, if the situation occurs, they will be able to return to those fields. 

In other business, the board approved a third liquor store next to Shiloh Plaza near the county line. 

The store will be owned by GJ Partners, and will be located on the parcel directly east of Shiloh Plaza. The representatives said they plan to be open in around five months. 

There are already two other liquor stores approved and in the works. Mt. Juliet Wine & Spirits will be located near the corner of Lebanon Road and N. Mt. Juliet Road and will be open this summer. Another in Providence will be open later this year. 

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