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MJHS holds Renaissance Fair

Sydney Brumbach

MJHS Golden Ray

The Renaissance Fair, run by social studies teacher Samantha Davenport and English teacher Lori Scott, is a time for our school to come together over history and learn how it affects us today.

It started as a way to connect world history to English as the class reads about Renaissance and Shakespearean times, and has grown into a Mt. Juliet High School tradition.

After covering the Renaissance in class, the students are given a week to prepare an exhibit covering the many aspects over the Renaissance era. 

In order to minimize the cost of the fair, students bring supplies from home, as well as whatever the teacher can provide. Daily grades are given throughout the week as the class works hard to finish the project, and a test grade is given to the final product. 

“It’s a really good chance for the students to show project ownership, and it gets better every year,” said Davenport.         

The fair usually takes place outside or in the gym, where students from freshmen English classes can attend. The class is graded on the presentation of whatever aspect of the Renaissance they were assigned, how well they teach the freshmen, and their correct use of language and grammar.

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