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School board approves career tech center

Sabrina Garrett

Special to The Chronicle

A lease agreement with the Tennessee Board of Regents that will transform the vocational facility on the former Lebanon High School campus into a career technical center was approved by the Wilson County School Board with a 5-0 vote at their meeting on Monday night.
County Attorney Mike Jennings said that discussion with the TBR had been ongoing for a long time to find a solution that would accommodate both of the parties involved. “I think we have done the best we can to deal with these issues,” he added of the stipulations set forth by the board during their May meeting.
These issues included the safety of students that will be educated at the center, a yearly assessment and guaranteeing that spots would be available to Wilson County students – since recent numbers show that 40 percent of seniors who are graduating this year do not intend to go to college.
During an earlier interview with The Wilson Post, TBR Vice Chancellor James King said that he believes a technical center will greatly benefit students in the community. He said that America is in an era right now when having a marketable skill – such as those learned at career technical centers – is extremely valuable.
“There are a lot of people right now with a generic degree (from a four-year college) who are struggling to find jobs. Ninety percent of students graduating from our centers are getting jobs in their field,” he said.

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