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County grad rates rise for 5th straight year

Wilson County increased graduation rates for the 5th straight year in 2012. 

Wilson County’s graduation rate was 95.5 percent, the highest in middle Tennessee. It is up from 87.9 percent in 2008. 

The graduation rate is a comparison of the number of students who enter in the 9th grade with the number who graduate four years later. 

The closest county school system to Wilson County was Montgomery County at 95.2 percent and Trousdale County at 95 percent. Rutherford County was 90.7 percent, Williamson was 92.2 and Sumner was 91.2. The state rate was 87.2 percent. 

According to a press release from Wilson County, several factors have contributed to the success. Each school has a graduation coach, which focuses on early intervention for students at risk of not graduating on time. They also have credited honors, advanced placement and career technical programs which keep students engaged in learning. 

Pat Climer is the supervisor of the graduation coaching program. Mt. Juliet High School’s graduation coach is Andy Rottero and Wilson Central’s is Debbie Hill. 

In addition to the other programs, the release credits alternative learning needs like distance learning, the Youth Links program, the Adult High School, MAP Academy and credit recovery. 

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