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Commissioners pass yearly budget

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The City of Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners passed the yearly budget unanimously Monday evening. 

One of the main issues still being worked out was the yearly raises for city employees. Mayor Ed Hagerty had proposed at the last meeting to make the standard of living raise lower, and increase a merit based pay raise. It didn’t pass on first reading, so he brought it up again Monday. He proposed a split of 1.5 percent standard of living and 1.5 percent merit. Commissioner Jim Bradshaw asked for a 2 percent standard of living and 1.5 percent merit. 

“I’d agree to that if you flipped it,” said Hagerty. 

After 2 percent standard of living and 1.5 percent was voted down, the Mayor suggested 1.5 percent standard of living and 2 percent merit raise. 

“Guys, I tried,” said Bradshaw to the city employees in the audience. The 1.5 standard of living and 2 percent merit passed unanimously. 

Jim Bradshaw put out the first amendment of the evening for $5,040.13 to fix the new signs at Charlie Daniels Park. The city employees had made a mistake on the dot matrix for the sign, and it was made out of proportion. The sign company said they would make new ones for the price above, reducing some of the cost for the original signs. That amendment passed. 

Bradshaw also proposed to make 16-20 extra parking spots at the Mt. Juliet League fields, as well as a fix to the traffic flow. Mayor Ed Hagerty and Commissioner Ray Justice suggest that they hold off on that because a possible fix could be in the works that would create new soccer fields on the northwest corner of that property, and would allow for extra parking. 

Grant money was moved around as well. The commissioners voted to take $1,500 away from Homesafe, and give $500 to Brooks House, $500 to Empower Me Day Camp and $500 to Wilson County CASA. 

Over $600,000 was also moved around in the budget for Cedar Creek Storm Water work, and a repaving program that will come this fall. Public Works is to sit down this week to determine which streets need to be repaved. 

In other action, the commissioners approved to amend the existing agreement with Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc. in the amount of $45,200 for providing constructing services and CEI services during construction of Phase 2 of the Town Center Trail. That will run from 4th Avenue to the Brookstone subdivision. 

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