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Hutto talks county at MJ Chamber Luncheon

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto stopped by the Mt. Juliet/West Wilson Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon to talk about the state of the county. 

Hutto said that there are three things that the county really likes to focus on – education, public safety and quality of life. 

Hutto went over the accomplishments of the Wilson County School system has had over the past few years, and the future of the school system. He said when the Watertown High School is finished, there will not be a high school more than 11 years old in the school system. This past year, Wilson County had the highest graduation rate in Tennessee at 95.5 percent. The per pupil funding from the county was a little lower than some surrounding counties. 

“We’re a little low, but we are going to work on that,” said Hutto. 

Hutto said the next schools will be in the 109 area on the north side as that area continues to grow. He said an elementary, middle school and high school will all be built in the coming years. Also a middle school in the Gladeville area is a possibility. 

Hutto said that the county is working on getting more white collar jobs to the county because many students who leave to go off to college, settle in other areas because there are not as many jobs that require college educated persons. 

“When our students graduate, we need to have them a place to work,” said Hutto. 

Hutto said that the county is also looking into obtaining somewhere around 40 acres for park land that would include ball parks, similar to Siegel Park in Murfreesboro. He said Mt. Juliet, Lebanon and Watertown all have ball parks that are at capacity, and the expansion will help alleviate the pressure they are feeling. 

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