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Garr’s closing up after 35 years

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A staple of Mt. Juliet’s north side will be closing up shop Aug. 31. 

Garr’s Rental and Feed will close its doors on that date after 35 years in business in Mt. Juliet. 

“It was a family decision,” said Owner Roy Garr. 

He said the business was still profitable, but the decision was made a little under two years ago to put the two pieces of property, the one where Garr’s sits, and the corner lot beside it, on the market. He said whichever one sold first dictated what they did with the business. They got a buyer for the property where the store sat, so they decided it was time. 

Garr said what he will miss most is interacting with the community, especially on things like letting people hold the chicks and ducks, scarecrow workshops, and Santa Claus pictures. 

“It was a real treat,” said Garr, seeing the smile on kids faces as they got to hold a duck or chick for the first time. 

Garr said the economy did make things harder for Garr’s, but he was happy the way things have turned out. 

“It’s actually very difficult for a mom and pop to make it work,” said Garr. “We could have done better, but we did a lot of things right.”

Garr is not retiring,  he is going to find some work with insurance, so his wife can retire. He’s not sure what that will be, but he ready for a new chapter in his life. 

Over the month of August, Garr’s will have big sales to get rid of all their merchandise. He is still ordering certain things that people buy daily that will remain the same price, but a large majority will be sold a reduced rate, even there rental equipment. After the store has closed, he will have an auction to get rid of the rest, plus things in the store like shelving, and other items. 

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