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Wilson County Schools see big test score improvements

Wilson County Schools met or exceeded all their Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for the 2012-2013 school year. 

“Wilson County Schools is pleased and proud to announce it has met or exceeded all 11 of these AMOs in Achievement,” the school system said in a statement last week. 

The areas were Math 3, Math 7, Reading Language Arts 3, Reading Language Arts 7, Algebra I, Algebra II, English II, English III and graduate rate. 

The school system showed gains in almost every subject on the TCAP and EOC assessments. Biology showed the largest increase, as 76.9 percent of students were proficient, up 12.8 percent from last year. The other increases were: Algebra I (6.7 percent); Algebra II (2.2 percent); English I (1.1 percent); English II (1.5 percent); Math grades 3-8 combined (3.4 percent); Math grade 3 (6.6 percent); Math grade 7 (7.5 percent); Reading Language Arts, grade 3 (7.7 percent); Reading Language Arts  grade 7 (0.5 percent); Social Studies 3-8 (1 percent); Science 3-8 (3.4 percent). 

School systems are also asked to close the achievement in subgroups like Ethnic, Economically Disadvantaged, Limited English Proficiency and Students with Disabilities. They are measured by the difference between the subgroup and the rest of the students who are not part of the subgroup or all students. Wilson County Schools narrowed the achievement gap by one percent for the Ethnic vs. All group. It also narrowed in LEP vs. Non LEP students in Math 3-8 by 4.9 percent. The ethnic vs. All group narrowed by 0.4 percent in English II/III, while the SWD vs. Non SWD gap narrowed by 1.4 percent in English II/III. 

In the press release, it pointed to countywide benchmarking, Professional Learning Communities, a Data Management System (Thinkgate), Math and Literacy Coaches, School-Wide Literacy plans, and a Response to Intervention plan helped provide the teachers with resources and opportunities to improve student achievement. 

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