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Heavy rains cause area flooding

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Heavy rains caused flash flooding in several areas of Mt. Juliet Thursday morning causing several roads to be closed. 

According to Steve Spencer at WEMA, some  reporting stations in the Mt. Juliet area reported as much as four to five inches of rain Thursday morning. 

The rains also prompted a water rescue of two elderly residents on West Division Street. One of the residents had called 911 because of fear of rising waters. A WEMA Water Rescue crew responded to the scene and got the residents to dry land. 

A few other residents had their vehicle flood or stall, but no one was seriously injured in the floods. 

Twelve roads in all were closed for at least a period of time, including the road that goes back to Stoner Creek Elementary and a portion of Curd Road near Mt. Juliet High School. 

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