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Baby Stitches, from MJ to all over the US in 20 years

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Twenty years ago, Terri Thompson started up a baby item embroidery business in her home. 

Since then, she has seen her items make their way into the hands of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Donald Trump, Kate Hudson, Chris O’Donnell, Trace Adkins and Wynonna Judd and many others.

Thompson sold a couple of items to a doctor’s wife in Mt. Juliet, and she bought a gift for the wife of Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick. 

“When she ordered, it exploded,” said Thompson. 

The CEO of Reebok bought some items. The creator of Mindspring ordered from Baby Stitches. The CFO of Disney in Anaheim ordered. 

Thompson said she realized she was staying up until 2-4 in the morning, so she upgraded her equipment. She caught up, and eventually had to upgrade again. 

Lutnick started the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund after the Sept. 11 attacks to help families that were affected by the tragic day. 

One of the things he did was purchase items for Cantor Fitzgerald mothers who had lost their husbands on that day. 

“He purchased a dozen burp pads for every baby that had lost a father on 9/11,” said Thompson. 

The mothers showed off the burp pads in a People Magazine spread about the story. 

Thompson said business was booming until the recession hit. 

“When everything went south, my business did too,” said Thompson. 

Thompson has added new equipment and a new website to help make it easier for customers. You can track orders online, and browse her great selection. 

Check out what Baby Stitches has to offer at

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