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Commissioners vote to remodel Station 3 for MJFD

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Board of Commissioners called a special meeting Thursday to discuss possibly making Station 3 behind City Hall, the northern fire station for the Mt. Juliet Fire Department. 

A location on Lebanon Road had been discussed in the range of $1-1.5 million, and the Station 3 was going to be sold to the county for $400,000 for WEMA to keep using. Mt. Juliet has been renting out the station to WEMA for $1 a year for over 20 years. But taking over the Station 3 for the Mt. Juliet Fire Department would save the city money, and still deliver quality service for the city. 

“The location here is a great strategic location,” said Fire Chief Erron Kinney. 

Kinney said 98 percent of the population would be within a 5-mile radius with the two stations, and the national standard is just 90 percent. 

Kinney said that they could get the station up to where they need it to move in for less than $50,000. He estimated it would be just shy of $34,000. He said they could move in, find out what the other problems were as far as leaks and other issues, and assess those as they arise. 

The commissioners voted 4-0 to move forward with the remodeling of the Fire Hall. City Manager Kenny Martin said he was going to call County Mayor Randall Hutto Thursday evening to let him know that the City would be pulling their offer for the county to purchase the station, and the commissioners asked for him to work on an interlocal agreement with WEMA for the station within 90 days. 

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