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Giles uncovers mistake, saves city thousands

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Commissioner Art Giles uncovered a mistake that saved the city thousands in the year’s to come. 

It all started when Giles got a complaint from a constituent that the lights were out at Pleasant Grove Road going through Paddocks. He turned a complaint into the city, and followed up. He found out something peculiar. 

“I was told we didn’t know who owned the lights,” said Giles. 

After a little digging, it was found that the City owned the lights and had been paying the bill. They also didn’t know where the meter was. 

“We should know where every meter is,” said Giles. “It’s just embarassing.”

Giles looked a little further into it and uncovered another mistake in the Paddocks Development. The City of Mt. Juliet owns eight acres of land near Paddocks, and they paid HOA fees to it when it was developed. However, they shouldn’t have been as Giles found that municipalities were exempt from the fees.

“I was literally in shock,” said Giles. 

When alerted to the mistake, the management company, Paddocks Development, LP, sent a check to the City of Mt. Juliet for $5,151.92. 

But Giles still wanted to find out why the city was paying for the lights, and what they needed to do to get that bill back to the developer. Giles said that at the time, it was the opinion of the City Attorney that the developer should pay for the lights, but the developer thought the city should pay. He said he doesn’t know why and couldn’t get an answer why the city ended up paying it. He is just glad the City could come to some type of resolution. 

The city initially asked for all the money back for what they had lost on the lights, but they eventually settled on the developer paying half, and taking responsibility in the future. That resulted in getting the city back $2,750, plus whatever it would have cost over the years to keep maintaining the lights. 

Giles said he was glad that he came across the mistake, and now they could put it behind them and focus on the more positive things coming up for the city. 

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