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Commissioners vote in impact fee for MJFD

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

An impact fee on new residential and non-residential buildings coming into the city of Mt. Juliet will help expand the Mt. Juliet Fire Department as the city grows. 

The fee will be $1,500 for each unit  in residential. A single family home would be just the $1,500, but residential units like apartment complexes will bring a much bigger price tag. For example, If an apartment complex comes in with 400 units, the fee would be $600,000. 

Non-residential would be a $1,500 fee plus $0.25 per square foot. 

All of the money will go into the emergency services fund to expand the Mt. Juliet Fire Department as the city grows. 

Vice Mayor James Maness said this was a good move for the city because it kept the city from having to raise property tax rates to help keep up with the costs of the fire department. So long time residents would not  be affected by the growth. 

“The burden is not going back on them,” said Maness. 

In addition to the impact fee, the commissioners put a hold on new permit applications until the fee can go into effect. The hold would be lifted if the fee passes second reading and goes into effect in Oct. 29. Commissioner Jim Bradshaw brought forth the resolution, and it was voted in unanimously. The fear was that there would be a run on building permit applications. The resolution does not effect applications that have active permit applications. 

A resolution to approve an agreement between the City of Mt. Juliet, Wilson Emergency Communications District, and Wilson Emergency Management Agency concerning fire calls was also passed. 

Communications will route the 911 fire calls to Mt. Juliet Police Department dispatch, who will alert the Mt. Juliet Fire Department. WEMA will also be alerted so they are aware. 

In other business, the commissioners appropriated funds for survey and design of phase 3 of the Town Center Trail, restricted $600,000 of general fund balance for budget stabilization, and an agreement with  Jones Bros., Inc. for turn lane improvements on West Division Street at South Greenhill Road. 

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