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High schools moving away from block scheduling

Wilson County Schools will be going away from block scheduling during the 2014-15 school year. 

The schedule, which first appeared in 1998-1999, allowed for full year courses to be taught in 18 weeks because of longer class instruction time. The new schedule will allow for seven credits each year, 28 over the students four years in high school. Tennessee currently requires 22 credits to graduate. 

In a press release which came out Thursday, the school system stated that the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness and College Careers (PARCC) test as one of the reasons for the change. It said “This change will decrease the number of days high schools will have to reserve for required state testing and it will also increase the number of instructional hours in the classroom.”

The press release covers  several benefits for the new system. 

1. The new system will have daily intervention and enrichment to be built into the schedule. 

2. Less time between core courses. With current scheduling, the student could have as much a 12-month gap between core courses. This would just have the summer break in between. 

3. The new schedule will allow AP courses to be one credit courses, allowing the students a chance to take more AP courses. 

4. The change will allow for more instructional time. Over 180 days, the students will receive 165 hours of instruction in their courses. Currently, they only receive 135 hours per course. 

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