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Local law enforcement train for active shooter in schools

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Mt. Juliet Police Department coordinated with several agencies Friday to put on an active shooter in schools training for their officers. 

“Unfortunately, the time in which we live, this is a reality,” said Mt. Juliet Chief of Police James Hambrick. 

The MJPD coordinated with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet and WEMA to work on tactical training if a tragic situation was to ever happen. Students and teachers participated in the event, as well as graduates of the Citizen’s Police Academy. 

Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan, whose office is in charge of the School Resource Officers, was glad that multiple agencies were able to work together in the event. He believes any exercise where they work together improves their response in live situations. 

“We hope we will never have to participate in something like this,” said Bryan. “But we have to be prepared.”

The exercise was done in the morning at Stoner Creek Elementary, and repeated at Mt. Juliet High School later in the day. Bryan said he hoped to put on a few more exercises like these in the near future. 

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